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Hi all,
Can you please let me know how to get the list of all halted business process in Sterling integrator using the SQL query and it should only have work flow I'd and business process name which are in halted state but no business process which are marked as completed with error

Try this link:

Please send question in the forum in the future.

Kind regards,


Folks how to send a file by CD Adapter to other CD normal

Could you please send the question in the Forum?


Could you help me how to post my question here.


Hi! I'm finding information about some error ( mine...) in SI / SFG and his adapters, and found this site..! It's a paradise of knowledge ! Hey, I'm really happy to participate here, hope that some day I could help... ( still must be learn a lot...)
Actually I work in IBM Argentina. This proyect envolve some receipt files by cdsa and some sftp put in different BP's.
Meanwhile, I mantain performance, tunning, etc...
Ok, thanks by share your experience!


Hi folks,
Coud you help me,
I need to analysing a several log´s to determine a user and time to logging then, extract this part and write to other documentation

auditlog ---->BP to find a user and login time ------> whrite teh result to other log


Very sad to hear you have must turn off worldofintegration.
I started working on Gentran/GIS/SI/B2Bi in 1997, and this has BY FAR been the most useful site.  
Thank you for your efforts and commitment to this site for such a long time.
Hope it can somehow be left up, even if it cannot be updated anymore.
I may have to spend some time downloading some of the examples :)
If you "miss" sharing your wisdom (after the site is turned off), I would recommend starting a blog on the ibm developer works "B2Bi and SFG Community" at

Live long and prosper!
Vincent Miller


Thanks Vincent :)
Site will stay up. If any issue, please let me know in contact form.

[email protected]

I can't post a message. It doesn't show a picture of letters. When I click for it to play the letters, there is no capital or lower case indicated. I tried both and neither worked. I wanted to post:
We may need to implement a PLD200 with UPS and I have some questions?
1. What type of document is this? It's not XML, EDI or EDIFACT.
2. Does anyone have a standard or schema like object that can be imported into a Sterling Integrator mapping tool?
3. Has anyone else here implemented the PLD200 with UPS?


I have a issue with b2b mail client adapter. SAME SCHELE-Out of 10 attempets, 3 attempts schedules are halted  rest are completed. Halted schedules indicating failure to reach mail server.
can someone please assist me on this,


Hi Mirjana

I have some issue with my BP. Here is what I am trying to achieve
1.I am getting the file through FTP GET
Ex: Remittance.csv

2. I need to add the date/time to the end of the file

3. pass it to the file system

While trying to do so, I am stilling passing the Remittance.csv, instead of Remittance_20161208.csv

Please advise.

Here is my process data

Process Name: FTPClientGet-HUB Instance ID: 3307039
Service Name: E5FileSystem
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

2016-12-08 16:22:31.268

226 Transfer complete.






226 Transfer complete.




Please register to the site and post the question to the forum.

Kind regards,