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World of Integration site is still under construction, but we can also say it is neverending story working on the web site. We would like us to be in interaction with each other. We want to hear what you think! 
We are here to read your opinion about site, to accept suggestions you can give and that can help us to improve functionality, content, navigation or add new options. Please, leave your comments here ...
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George Sotiroff

just geting aquainted with your site.


I am so pleased that there is going to be some training for SI; I look forward to joining 1 or more of the sessions in May.

It would be my pleasure.
Kind regards,

Kumar Piyus Thakur

Thanks Mirjana for the response and I am aware about that option. I think I was not clear with my question. Let me explain with an example. Suppose a user posts/initiates a new topic. Now other users post their response and their views. Now the user who started the topic gets the answer. So there should be an option for that user only who started the topic to mark that topic as answered. I think this is helpful for other users who are searching and they would first looking into those topics that has been answered. Refer to below link. If you scroll down you can see some green signal against the topic which indicates that the topic has been answered.

Kumar Piyus Thakur

I don't know but is there a way to know if a question/topic has been answered ??? If not then I think there should be some indicator which can tell that a particular question/topic has been answered.


There is NOTIFY option for every topic and you can enable notification and get a mail for every new Reply.
Have you tried it?

Kind regards,

Michele Airs

I agree with the post from Vasanta on the 16 July last year, tutorials for beginners would be most helpful especially when you are new to the world of SI and not technically trained.


Thanks for your comment Michele.

I am afraid it could be a lot of job for one volunteer site like this one. Content is created slowly by time, by discovering issues and by cooperation inside of community. I believe there is plenty of information in this site, but they do not mean much to beginners.

I am aware beginners guides are missing in Sterling/IBM documentation. You can find information here or there, but connections among pieces of information are definitelly missing. Systematic document that will guide you from the beginning to the end through the flows and options in SI would be very welcome.

If there is anyone who would like to offer something useful to this community and site, that would be great and I am here to publish any content someone sends me and that can be useful for SI community. For now, unfortunatelly, there is no any one who is willing to share content for publishing, and I cannot do much on my own (I did as much as I could).

I hope you will find the site useful in spite of expectations that I cannot meet.

Kind regards,



Emil Sozonov

To tell the truth I am more interested in the basics of XML rather than Sterling's applications. However Integration Management proved out to be a very useful for my needs. Just wanted to say hello and thanks!


 Hi Mirjana - This forum has been a great help for me during my assignments. Keep up the great work you do :)


Hello !!!! Every one , So happy to be the member of the site. Iam new to EDI right now working on GXS (GLOBAL EXCHANGING SERVICES). Iam intrested in learning GENTRAN. Can any one help Please...U can reach me out at [email protected]

Thanks in advance...


I am beginner of SI. What I feel is that it will be better if there are any simple tutorials for beginners.


Great work. Iam working in Sterling integrator for long time but not able to find proper website for queries.

this website is really amazing.......:)


Hi Peter,

It is awesome to have you on the site, and you are 500th user :).
Thanks for registering.


Peter McHugh

Awesome Site, great good will be registering now and will try to add some code bits too


Mirjana, you have 480+ members, last year you had around 140 members this same month. You are growing :D!!!

Seems so Hamlet, I am surprised, waited for the first 100 and after that 200, but just suddenly it is almost 500. I am happy :)


Hi Mirjana,

You have done a great Job. Very useful.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Carlos Hidalgo

Excelet Site congratulations.


It is always good to see such nice comments, thanks for that. I will go on in the same direction, hopefully, with strength gotten somehow :).
Thanks to all for working together in this virtual place.


I've been working with GIS/SI since 2005. But this is the best site for information I've ever seen. Please continue with this project. You do a great job!!

dileepkumar gundu

Excellent work Mirjana.I have some knowledge about IBM Sterling Integrator.I will help to this site regrading mapping,business process,adminstration operations ext.......

I will help to u java coding also.
presentation work.businees logic,data access and backend work also.