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World of Integration site is still under construction, but we can also say it is neverending story working on the web site. We would like us to be in interaction with each other. We want to hear what you think! 
We are here to read your opinion about site, to accept suggestions you can give and that can help us to improve functionality, content, navigation or add new options. Please, leave your comments here ...
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We got the 100th User (mrmarius) in the site. It is growing ... 31.5.2011. ... 4 months and 10 days
Welcome All !!!


Yeppeeee!!! Today site completed its 4months... Glad to see its +ve growth



This looks like a site that has the potential to be very useful and helpful! Well done and I am looking forward to being a frequent visitor!

I am happy to see all your comments, definitelly I will try to make it useful.
Thank you All!

Raj Kumar

Hi Mirjana,
Site looks great!!. Looking forward to share ideas with rest of the SI/GIS experts in the world. Wish you the very best.


Hanlet Escaño

Mirjana you finally did make your own SI Forum!!! I am very happy for you and wish you all the luck... In the end you did most of the work in the other site, so it is only fair that you get your own stuff. I wish you only the very best, GIS GURU!

Your friend: Hanlet Escaño

Hanlet!!! Many thanks. Proud to be your friend.

Dave Achanzar

Looking forward to global collaboration with you!!! dave

I am really surprised ... Thanky you very much! ;)

Johan Dippenaar

I wish you all the best with this new venture of yours. I will definately use your site to enhance my own knowledge of SI

Thank you Johan. Regards to SA.


Hey Mirjana,

Great work. Looks very nice. Hope things go well.

Brian Wolfe

Thanks thanks :). Good luck to you.


Welcome to the Site Guestbook and feel free to say your opinion here.