Advertising INFO

If you want to advertise your service or company, please follow the instructions in "Advertising instructions" and your advertisment will be added.
If you need help from professionals, please find them in "Advertisers list".

Payment can be done by PayPal only and we will charge 30 USD per month for one ad.

Advertising instructions


You can find 2 TEST advertisments in the right side, created for the test user Nikadino.
One is not published yet, and another is published and visible. Until advertisement is paid, it will not be visible by anyone. Once the user is subscribed for its advertisement and pay it, it will be published and visible.

Procedure for advertising:

1. To start advertising, that means if you want to be able to subscribe to your advertsiment, you must be registered user on the site, if you are not, please register.

2. Send your advertisment content with logo and valid site's user ID to It can be word document with full content that you want to be published in the site.

3. Admin will create advertisment for your user ID.

4. Once content of advertisment is created, you can find it in the right side of the page Edit option is available for authorized user, who is owner of the advertisment, to make changes.

5. You will be notified once advertisment has been created.

6. A new advertsiment is ready to be published, that means bought by the user for which it is created.

7. A new advertisment is visible only by the user for which it is created, not for the others, until the user is subscribed (advertisment paid by paypal).

8. To subscribe to your advertisement and make it visible by other users:

• sign in to the site

• go to "My account", under "PayPal Paid Adverts" you will see one or more advertisments for your account

• if you click the title of the advertisement, you can find the tab “PayPal Publication” and go to it to finish payment

• if you click on the link “not published” you will be routed to “PayPal Publication” directly

• you can also go to page, click on the link of your advertisement, and choose “PayPal Publication” to finish payment

9. When you finish subscription and payment procedure, your advertisment will be published and visible by other users, even by non authenticated once.

Advertisers list

Name Title Post date
Nikadino TEST_advertisment_NOT_published_yet 11/19/2012 - 05:32
Nikadino TEST_advertisment_published 11/19/2012 - 06:44