Connect Direct protocol

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Necessity for secure file movement must ensure data delivery to the right destination within the right time window, so the receiving application can process and act upon it consistently—day after day, and year after year. The problem is many existing file transfer “solutions” built on FTP do not have the necessary mechanisms for management, monitoring, or advanced security.
Connect:Direct is the point-to-point file transfer software optimized for high-volume, secure, assured delivery of files within and among enterprises. It’s the industry-leading solution worldwide for assured, secure delivery of files, especially in the demanding financial services and telecommunications industries.
For those who need added security, Connect:Direct Secure+ is an add-on that provides configurable authentication and encryption
Connect:Direct can deliver your files with:
  • Predictability – assures delivery via automated scheduling, checkpoint restart, and automatic recovery/retry
  • Security – ensures that your customer information stays private, and that your file transfers are auditable for regulatory compliance via a proprietary protocol, authorization, and encryption (FIPS 140-2, and Common Criteria certified)
  • Performance – handles your most demanding loads, from high volumes of small files to multi-gigabyte files
For reliable and secure file transfer, file transfer provided must be near real-time integration needed for applications as diverse as convergence billing in telecommunications, synchronization of central and disaster-recovery sites, secure transfer of check image files, and consolidation of credit card transactions.
The Sterling Commerce Connect:® product line provides the
  • management capability,
  • auditing features,
  • security enforcement and
  • workload balancing
that organizations need to address the inherent complexity and unreliability of networks.
Connect: products have the ability to enforce security, balance the use of network resources, and automatically recover from the interruptions that invariably occur. FTP, by comparison, does none of these.
Improve productivity
Connect:Direct provides script-based automation, scheduling and alert notifications for 24x7 unattended operations. Unlike FTP implementations, Connect:Direct eliminates the need for manual intervention in data delivery, improving the productivity of your people and the reliability of your business processes.
Gain unprecedented scalability
Event-based architecture enables high volumes and large files—with no product-defined limits on file sizes. Scalability ensures that you can handle peak demand and keep pace as your business volumes grow, whether you operate mainframes or distributed/clustered servers.
Count on reliable file delivery
An acid test for any file transfer system is how it responds when there is a failure. Connect:Direct, which also supports various clustering technologies and IBM Sysplex on the mainframe, provides built-in automation and checkpoint restart to ensure lights-out operations.
Move files with confidence
The proprietary and secure Connect:Direct protocol has never been breached. That solutions help customers satisfy regulatory and industry requirements within their file transfer operations, including compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, Payment Card Industry (PCI) and healthcare (HIPAA) requirements. Today, Sterling Commerce is the world’s most trusted collaboration partner and the leader in secure file transfer, with over 48 percent market share.
Automation and Management
Supports 24x7 unattended operations
Schedules jobs on a one-time, recurring, or continuous basis
Assigns and manages file transfer workload
Event driven alert notification
Process language builds scripts to provide integration with back-end systems
API and SDK for programmatic access by other applications
Assured File Delivery
Support Check point restart
Automatic recovery from network interruptions
Automated alert notifications for success/failure
Security and Compliance
Interfaces with operating system security for user authentication
Provides a complete audit trail of data movement through extensive statistics logs
User authentication
x.509 certificates for authentication
Data encryption (SSL/TLS)
Certificate and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) checking
FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria certification
Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)-based authentication, • session break and SSL termination
Ensure that no file is stored in the DMZ
No inbound ports opened in the firewall
Validation of the Connect:Direct protocol
Multiple Platform Support
z/OS, z/VM, and z/VSE
i5/OS (OS/400
UNIX and Linux
HP NonStop
Connect:Direct Select (Java version that can run on multiple platforms)
Network Protocols Support