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eCOM is a world leading provider of B2B and supply chain solutions, helping customers accelerate the business process transformation from traditional paper transfers to electronic transfers. To meet the different customer requirements in various business scenarios, we have developed various applications on the information logistics platform, which is built on the IBM Sterling Commerce data exchange platform, thus providing competitive solutions for different domains

Software Solutions - eCOM B2B Framework

The eCOM B2B Framework is an extension to IBM Sterling B2B Integrator that primarily accelerates deployment, reduces implementation costs by 70%, and improves overall ROI. It’s core function lies in its unified business process flow built on more than 350 pre-built SI-components and generic communications BPs for all supported protocols. The result is a highly simplified trading partner on-boarding and configuration process.

The eCOM B2B Framework also provides an improved and consolidated message tracking, visibility, and management. Through proper document and process management, the Framework creates the foundation for essential analytics and reporting capabilities.